Door Buddy Adjustable Door Strap and Latch – Grey. Dog Proof Litter Box the Easy Way. No need for Pet Gates or Interior Cat Door. Use this to Keep Dog out of Litter Box and Cat Feeder.

Door Buddy —> this simple door latch that will keep your dog (if slightly larger than cat) out of the room with the cat food and litter box while still allowing your cat to have easy access.
Simpler alternative —> Door Buddy may be simple, but it works! Why struggle with pet gates that are bulky and cumbersome to use? Why cut a permanent hole in your door to install an interior cat door? Why force your cat to jump into and use a top entry litter box that may make her feel trapped? Try Door Buddy first and see for yourself why our customers love it so much!
Installs in seconds and is easy to use —> just peel and stick to the door and door frame using the strong 3M adhesive (2 extras included). The simple lock and unlock latch allows you to use it from either side of the door giving you quick and convenient access to the room.

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