Feeding Ring – Practical Floating Food Square – Reduces Waste & Maintains Water Quality – Suitable for Flakes & Other Floating Fish Foods – for Guppy, Goldfish and Other Smaller Fish

✔ ENCOURAGES PICKY EATERS TO EAT MORE — Some fish are more finicky than others or may be a bit more shy and not want to eat with the other fish. The SunGrow Floating Fish Feeding Ring allows you to feed specialty foods to the pickier fish while sprinkling standard floating fish food to the general population of fish. It won’t take long for your finicky fish to quickly learn that the square fish feeder is where to find their supper.
✔ PREVENTS FISH FROM BEING BULLIES — A great way to prevent fish in a community tank from being bullies is to use multiple floating feeding rings. Fill one square fish feeder and allow your more aggressive fish to dash over to eat. Once they are occupied, add floating fish food to a second feeding square for the more timid fish. Bullies can’t hog all the rings, so add as many as you feel necessary so all your fish can eat in peace.
✔ REDUCES DEBRIS BY KEEPING FOOD CONTAINED — By placing your pet fish’s food directly into the feeder square, it inhibits the flakes and pellets from floating into unwanted places such as the filter. A cleaner aquarium filter is far more effective at keeping your tank’s water at a higher quality level and reduces excess debris throughout the tank.

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